Enliven does more to bring greatness out of business and make the world a better place.

Traditionally, management consultants objectively approach corporate initiatives. Enliven works with you, side-by-side, to identify barriers to transformation (big or small) while enabling you to do more. Together with Enliven, small and medium-sized companies streamline operations, improve capabilities, eliminate redundancies and boost profits.

Our Services

We believe organizations have the power to do more to transform the planet for the better. We’re not idealists however, we are realists. We recognize companies must be sustainable and realize their full potential.

Therefore, Enliven takes a holistic approach to make something more of your existing success by asking what more can you do in the areas of: Strategy, Marketing, Operations, and Data Management.



The best companies take time for thoughtful strategic planning. Without a solid road map, you can’t get where you’re going. We help put a plan in place. Learn more....



Successful businesses are efficient. We assess current and potential systems and processes. Learn more...



You can have a breakthrough product or service, but if no one knows about it, it’s a non-starter. We assist with strategic marketing plans and tools. Learn more...

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Who are your ideal customers? Data and analysis can help uncover what your customers want and don’t want. We help decode this key information and harness it. Learn more...



What Clients Have To Say

"Katherine brings a high level of care and business acumen to overseeing key business system initiatives and facilitating the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. She has enabled Erickson Coaching International to mature across key components of our business—making us healthier and stronger as a company. We genuinely appreciate Katherine’s consistent approach as an advisor and facilitator, and that she is highly organized and accurate in optimizing our business systems to support our strategic goals."
—  Lawrence McGinnis, Executive Director, Erickson Coaching International

"Katherine provided Halfmoon an excellent and inclusive process to clarify and tune our Strategic Plan and get all the company parts moving in harmony. That is not a 'one and done' exercise but an ongoing series of purposeful and effective engagement at all levels that keeps us tuned in and moving incrementally toward our inspiring future. She was there to keep us moving forward every step of the way.

Managing a team effectively has been easier and more successful with Katherine’s systems expertise, resources, and guidance." — Beth McTavish, Co-owner Halfmoon Yoga Products


“What we appreciated the most in working with Katherine was her inclusive approach to working with our team by listening and considering each author’s objectives, her ability to frame key insights against our unique case and her delivery of a comprehensive market development report that guides our plan for the book."
Mike Thompson, Rich Mimick, Terry Rachwalski, co-authors Business Diagnostics